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A lot of people think that card readings are like mind reading.  They are not.  When I am reading your cards, I am getting information from your spirit guides and loved ones who have passed.  They help me to give you guidance and information to help you take your life in the right direction.  Most people know when their lives are off track, they just need someone outside of the situation to help them see the truth.  Many people say that my readings are like coaching sessions and are usually very happy with the results.  If you are open to listening to what they have to say, you will get a good reading.  If you are not open, you will not get a good reading.  I have heard several people say, "You can't read me, no one can read me!" Well, you are right... we get what we send out to the universe.  If you say, "I am welcome to hearing what enlightenment you have to offer." and you really listen, you will find the life changing information you are looking for.  


Wouldn't it be great to know what your soul wants you to know?  Akashic Record readings are about connecting you with your souls purpose.  It is an amazing reading that gives you knowledge about yourself that will help you focus on your goals and your life path. A lot of people who feel, "stuck" have found that these reading open up new awareness about the direction your life. These readings are not predictive in any way.   The most important part of these readings is the healing you will receive. You can also access your past lives and get insight on issues you may have carried into this life from a past life.  It is a truly amazing reading!

I do enjoy talking to your loved ones who have passed.  I love how sometimes I get messages from your loved ones as well. 


  • "I contact maria because i was looking for help and also want to know ,what whats for my future .I was so impress very kind person trusted her and some how! we did a very good co..."
    amazed customer
  • "Maria?s readings are amazingly accurate and she provides so much detail! When my life seems crazy, her readings help me center and experience a calmness that allows me to move o..."
    Sandy C.

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